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Web design and hosting Packages

How to order

  • Choose your package from those displayed to the left
  • Check the domain availability here
  • Click the "register" link from that page once you have checked your domain name, and fill in the order form
  • We will contact you to discuss look and feel of your site, etc.
  • If you already own your domain and would like us to design a site for you, use the information on our contact page.


With our "Exclusive" package, we require a 50% deposit with placement of your order, and the balance as soon as your website is live.

Payment for our "Standard" and "Email" package is required in full with your order.

An invoice will be sent to you when your order is received. Payment as outlined above must be made before your domain will be registered.


Try and keep your domain name as short as possible. Something like is a lot easier to type (without mistakes) and remember than , and imagine the email addresses!

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If your goods and services are purely for the local market, a "" domain is fine, but if you intend marketing outside the country, you may want to consider a ".com", or a ".co" (a relatively new international option) domain name.

Their is a slightly higher charge for ".com", and higher still for a ".co" domain registration.

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